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Cancellation Policy



50 % deposit will be collected at time of booking via Venmo, Apple Pay, Debit/Credit Card

48 hour minimum to change time/date of job (depending on our availability)

If cancelled in less than 48 hours the deposit will be non-refundable  

Same Day No Answer

After a 30 minute grace period, the  50% will be kept for all no-shows from all clients. (certain cases where the team arrives and the door is locked, no call or message from client is received) 


We charge per PERSON which means that there is NO guarantee that the job will be done with the amount of people suggested by FCG or chosen by the client.

The nature of this work has to do with the quality and cleanliness of the construction work done or the state of the place. We can recommend a number of people to give a ballpark but ultimately there is NO guarantee.